6 Fiberglass Padel Courts at Club Med Martinique: the project in deep

Since last December, Club Med Les Boucaniers in Martinique can boast of no less than 6 Fiberglass Padel Courts branded NXPadel. Let's find out why they are the ideal choice for this type of location!

6 Fiberglass Padel Courts at Club Med Martinique: the project in deep

Padel fever has also arrived in the Caribbean, precisely at the exclusive Club Med Les Boucaniers, in Martinique going to complete its already very rich range of services and activities, and as we had announced with great enthusiasm a few months ago, they chose 6 Fiberglass Padel Court with ComfortGlass, in the shade of the palms and a few steps from the Caribbean sea.

Since December the six courts, have been up and running at full capacity and after the customary ribbon-cutting opening ceremony, have begun to host not only visitors to Club Med Les Boucaniers but also padel enthusiasts traveling to the island and locals. The feedback was positive, as much for the splendid frame which is inserted a few steps from the beach and the sea crystalline, as much as for all the technology and innovation that contradistinguish our products which find in this type of location the ideal space to express at best all their potential.
The fact that the choice of ARS, our official distributor in the Caribbean area, has fallen on our Fiberglass Padel Courts in the N1A model equipped with ComfortGlass walls is by no means accidental, but well thought out and aware of a market in its own right such as the Caribbean, which has always been subject at particular times of the year to phenomena such as hurricanes and cyclones and of course to the constant influence of saltiness due to its proximity from the sea.

The importance of a chemically anti-rust structure

Starting with this last point, as many already know, our Fiberglass structure is the only one in the world that is chemically anti-rust. It, unlike traditional iron or aluminum courts, does not require any kind of galvanizing treatment and Fiberglass is not subject to oxidation even when installed near the sea.
Here, for a solution such as that of Club Med Les Boucaniers, just a few steps from the sea and out-door for 365 days a year, our Fiberglass courts are the ideal solution to guarantee an always perfect aesthetic over time, avoiding structural damage, among other things, as well as the risk of injury on rusted parts of the court.

When safety is everything

Just talking about injuries, safety is also an issue that has always been central to the mission of NXPadel, which, in this regard, responds with two unprecedented solutions that once again prove crucial. No one would ever want to get hurt playing Padel because of the court, much less in a dream location like Martinique.

One of the most striking features of Fiberglass meshes at the level of playability lies in their extreme elasticity, which allows them to absorb any kind of impact with the players' bodies, drastically lowering the risk of injuries, muscle pains, or abrasions.
On the other hand, for the walls, there is ComfortGlass, an acrylic compound that is also super elastic and above all indestructible. The latter will never run the risk of shattering either from play impacts or from throwing objects or vandalism, thus elevating it to the safest option on the market.

Acting in time to hurricanes and cyclones

Staying with the ComfortGlass theme comes another fundamental issue related particularly to locations such as Martinique since, as mentioned earlier, the area is prone at certain times of the year to phenomena such as hurricanes, cyclones, or otherwise violent winds.
Thanks to its special installation system and its lightness, it will be possible, in case of an alert for winds above 130km/h (the maximum wind resistance of our courts, tested according to the Official Eurocodes) to disassemble the ComfortGlass walls in about two hours, avoiding the typical "sail effect" that could cause the whole structure to collapse and thus adapting to this type of phenomena in the best way.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that seeing our padel courts rise in such a location, juxtaposed with one of the most influential giants in the tourism industry such as Club Med, makes us proud and aware of our potential.
But the thing that makes us unquestionably more pleased is that this gives us confirmation that we are working in the right direction, that all our efforts to bring added value to this industry are constantly bearing fruit, motivating us to innovate our solutions by adapting them to an ever-changing and evolving market.

So, were you still looking for an exclusive resort in the Caribbean where you can't give up Padel? Our courts are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?