Club Med is ready to join the NXGlobal Community

Soon six Fiberglass Padel Courts by NXPadel will be installed at Les Boucaniers Resort in Martinique.


Club Med is ready to join the NXGlobal Community 

It has been a few weeks since the first rumors and news about a new and important project began to circulate inside NXPHQ, and although they were accompanied by cautious optimism, there was a feeling that they were becoming more and more encouraging and positive as the days went by. Now it is official and we can proudly announce the achievement of a historic agreement that once again proves the great ambitions of NXPadel and underlines how the Italian padel court manufacturer is working in the right direction, offering an unprecedented product in the padel court market

We are therefore happy and proud to confirm that one of the world's largest tourism companies has chosen NXPadel to build its Padel Courts in one of the world's most beautiful and famous resorts. 
We are talking about Club Mediterranèe, better known as Club Med, a world leader in the tourism industry, which owns as many as 65 resorts and tourist villages scattered in the most enchanting and exclusive places in the world. The Club Med that will have the pleasure of hosting the six NXPadel-Branded Courts will be Les Boucaniers Resort in Martinique, the Pearl of the Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. An incomparable location, crystal clear sea, and white sand beaches make this place a year-round paradise for tourists worldwide. Riding the wave of the padel phenomenon, Club Med is making its resorts even more exclusive, complete, and in tune with the times.

For the realization of this project, we would like to thank ARS, our partner, official distributor and Padel Court Supplier in the Caribbean, for believing in our vision and for understanding from the beginning the advantages of our products, with them we share the same professionalism and the same desire to innovate this market and we are sure, from these assumptions, that our business relationship will continue for a long time.

At Club Med Les Boucaniers in Martinique, the project includes six Fiberglass Padel Courts of our flagship model, the N1A, equipped with ComfortGlass to offer the resort's guests the highest level of safety on a Padel Court. To top it all off, the Sunset customization was chosen in complete style and harmony with the colors and climate of Martinique, where the sun, sea, and palm trees will provide a beautiful backdrop for our new Padel Courts in the Caribbean.

Speaking of location, it is no coincidence that Club Med chose NXPadel and the advantages of Fiberglass for its resort in Martinique: NXPadel means first of all rust-proof Padel Courts. Fiberglass, in fact, is a chemically anti-rust material and as a result, there is no risk of it damaging the aesthetics of the court and subsequently also the structure, despite the proximity from the sea and the strong influence of saltiness. Therefore, it will not be necessary to re-call and involve padel court installers to repair the damage.
As mentioned several times in our articles, another aspect that is very close to NXPadel's heart is undoubtedly the issue of safety. An issue that, for obvious reasons, must be a cornerstone even and especially for Padel Courts in Hotels or high level resorts that must guarantee its clients safe and comfortable facilities, while ensuring maximum reliability for everyone, even when playing Padel.
The special structure of the Fiberglass meshes, thanks to their elasticity and resilience, prevents injuries from hitting the sides of the court during the game, perfectly absorbing any impact without causing pain or annoying bruises. The ComfortGlass also plays a key role in this regard: it is also elastic and, in addition to absorbing the player's shocks, it is unbreakable and there is no risk of it shattering at any moment, making it a faithful ally of the player. 

Another key aspect especially for padel courts in resorts and hotels where people seek relaxation, peace, and serenity is that they do not cause excessive noise pollution and disturb other guests. Again, thanks to the special characteristics of Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, NXPadel perfectly meets this kind of need with far less noisy courts whose noise impact of 64dB ( during a match) is below 30% of the maximum threshold required by the Dutch federation ( the only country where there is a regulation on parameters related to the noise impact of padel courts).

As many of those already familiar with NXPadel know, the benefits of Fiberglass Padel Courts are truly innumerable and involve all stakeholders in the Padel universe, from players to club managers to padel courts installers.
These are the advantages that Club Med Les Boucaniers has been able to experience during these months of confrontation that preceded the official agreement. 

We are now looking forward to its clients being able to experience the uniqueness of our courts and the exceptional nature of the most revolutionary Padel Courts on the market.
In the coming weeks, we will keep you updated on the progress of the work and the installation phases leading up to the inauguration, because a magical and special place like Club Med Les Boucaniers in Martinique deserves extraordinary Padel Courts like those from NXPadel.