ComfortGlass: When a Padel Court’s wall is indestructible

ComfortGlass is the innovative wall of NXPadel's Padel Courts, and thanks to its elasticity and strength, it guarantees maximum safety at all times

ComfortGlass: When a Padel Court’s wall is indestructible

The use of walls during a padel match is undoubtedly one of the most fun and intriguing aspects of the sport. The bouncing of the ball on them certainly adds unpredictability to the dynamics of the game and at the same time requires attention and training in knowing how to use them correctly and to one's advantage while trying to predict the trajectories of the opponent's shots in advance. 
This, however, is not the only unknown represented by the wall: there is, in fact, an aspect that has been increasingly discussed in recent years and has understandably generated fears and perplexity at times. As many will have realized, we are referring to the possibility that the glass, the material that makes up the walls of most padel courts in the world, will break following a strong impact with a player, a situation that can become quite dangerous both for the player himself but also for the audience around the court.

You have undoubtedly come across some of the videos that have gone viral on the web in which the wall completely shatters as a result of the impact of a player attempting to recover an opponent's hit (among the most famous being that of Paquito Navarro at the 2018 Oeiras Valley Portugal Padel Masters)

As spectacular as it is to watch, it's impossible not to think, "What if it happens to me someday?"

NXPadel, which is making innovation and hi-tech its cornerstones, in addition to having patented Fiberglass Padel Courts by entering the market with a never-before-seen product with countless advantages, has also studied an unprecedented material for padel court walls to respond clearly and effectively in terms of safety as well: the answer is ComfortGlass, an acrylic compound designed specifically for Padel, transparent, super elastic and above all resistant to any kind of shock and indestructible.

ComfortGlass, as its name also suggests, has been specifically designed to put an end to any kind of fear or dread of walls and to guarantee players in the court, the public, and padel court installers the utmost safety by averting, thus, any kind of accident due to breakage. Due to its extreme flexibility, it ensures perfect absorption of impact with the players' bodies while providing the same playability performance as tempered or laminated glass. Its thickness of 12mm, its transparency, and its uniform and compact surface allow it to meet all the parameters imposed by the IPF, making it possible for a perfect and smooth bounce of the ball

It is worth mentioning that the fact that ComfortGlass does not run the risk of shattering is an advantage not only for the players on the court and the audience but also for Padel Court Suppliers, who, in this way, will not expose themselves to danger during installation and for Padel Club managers who will not spend money on maintenance to replace the damaged sheet.

As with the Fiberglass structure, once again NXPadel's product has proven that it does not forget about anyone, especially in terms of safety, demonstrating that through study, innovation, and cutting-edge materials, progress is possible and a product can be offered to the market that is a true game-changer. Excluding the now-defunct concrete walls at the moment, ComfortGlass represents the only real option for a truly 100% indestructible wall, the only one that can make the padel court a comfort zone in every sense of the word.