Customize your Fiberglass Padel Court and make it perfect for your club!

How to customize your Fiberglass Padel Court from NXPadel and why it's important to do so for your club

Customize your Fiberglass Padel Court and make it perfect for your club!

Padel is considered as one of the sports that best fosters sociability, new friendships, and human relationships. The fact that it is played by four people, that it is easy to learn by people of all ages and that it is a perfect and fun activity to practice with co-workers or friends are just some of the aspects that have ensured its success on a global scale.
For these reasons, the Padel Club has become a real social place where people can weave relationships, have a meal or a drink after the game, work, or even relax and, as a result, a place where people will have to spend time will necessarily also have to be enjoyable, pleasant and beautiful to look at. It will need to be a place where care to aesthetics, colors, design and attention to detail also take center stage in order to ensure that its customers have the best possible experience.
One of the aspects that contributes to this is, inevitably, also the padel courts themselves, which can be customized and adapted to the colors of the club in which they are installed or which can simply be made more eye-catching through the choice of out-of-the-box colors that catch the attention of the players and make everyone want to play on them and come back the next time.
For these reasons, more and more padel court suppliers have designed various customizations to make their courts even more unique and special 
Among them is NXPadel too which, with its innovative Fiberglass courts which are changing the rules of the game in the padel court manufacturing industry, has responded presently regarding the customization of different parts of the court:

Starting with the structure, Fiberglass Padel Courts can be customized in two versions: Sunset and Midnight. The first one, much more eye-catching and impactful, can give an extra touch of color and character to your club, thanks to the orange details of the posts that support the mesh above the 3-meter wall, the brackets, and the T of the entrance door to the court. 
The second customization, on the other hand, is much simpler and cleaner and provides a modern design to your padel courts and thus to your club. In the Midnight version, the Fiberglass structure is completely black, making it matchable to all needs and ensuring a minimalist yet neat aesthetic. Because as they say in such cases, black goes with everything.

The second customizable element of the Fiberglass Padel Courts is represented by NXTurf, the textured carpet by NXPadel, available in 3 different colors. The most popular one is undoubtedly the blue coloration named Champ; it is the one we are most used to seeing on TV on Premier Padel courts and in most Padel clubs. The second coloration is the red one and it is named Flame; it is the one we are used to seeing on A1 circuit courts but not a few clubs require this coloration to match the club's corporate colors or club buildings for example in brick red. Finally, there is the black coloring that goes by the name of Shadow; it is currently the least in demand although the effect it manages to create is striking and manages to give the court and the club a touch of the future and modernism that goes perfectly with some of the more exclusive padel centers that are coming up.

The last two customizable parts in the NXPadel courts are the net and the doors protection kit and net posts. In this case, the customization is exclusively about the possibility of putting your club logos or your favorite inscription on the net tape and the guards to make your Fiberglass Padel Courts even more unique and exclusive. 

NXPadel's news about customizations will not end there, however. In fact, with the start of the new year, 3 new court models dedicated to a luxury target audience are scheduled to be launched, representing the ultimate aesthetic expression of Fiberglass Padel Courts while preserving all their technical features. For the moment we cannot add anything else but rest assured that we will see some great things... in every sense!

In conclusion, even in padel the eye wants its part and not only to control the movements of our opponents or to understand where the ball will go. And especially if we are talking about the most innovative courts on the market, such as those of NXPadel, there is a need for an aesthetic that never stops keeping up with the times and indeed always looks to the future.