From Launch to Excellence: The First Year of NXPadel

NXPadel celebrates its first year in business through the milestones that through innovation, quality, and freshness have made it the true game-changer in the padel court manufacturer industry.

From Launch to Excellence: The First Year of NXPadel

Come December, it is customary to take stock of the year that has just passed by reviewing the highlights and treasuring the successes achieved to start again in January with clear ideas and even more awareness of one's potential. 
For us at NXPadel, however, the end of this year also coincides with our first anniversary since the beginning of our activity in the world of Padel Court Producers, because it was on a cold day in December 2022 that our journey officially began, which, despite being only at the beginning, has been marked by so many events and novelties that it seems to us that much more time has passed. 
We therefore want, with this article, to take the opportunity to review together the milestones of this first year of work with the certainty that the future will bring us even more satisfaction.

It is only right to begin by saying that the NXPadel project comes from much further back and is the result of years of experience, in-depth studies, precise and painstaking testing, and relentless daily work that has kicked off a real revolution for this sector. 
It is unthinkable to launch on the market something innovative, unprecedented, and capable of providing real and tangible benefits without a great deal of study behind it.
How can we not mention, in this regard, the 20 years of experience of Luca Ceresoli, president of NXPadel and mastermind of the Fiberglass padel court, in the sports facility industry and later in the padel world, where he acquired all the know-how up to obtaining the official international patent for the Fiberglass structure! 

Having acquired the knowledge that we had a completely innovative product on our hands and were capable of upsetting the rules of the game in this sector, then, there was a need to apply all this technical background in strategic and commercial terms, through market analysis and business plans, and in marketing terms, through the choice of a tone of voice that reflected the company, a graphic style and all the on and offline strategies to best communicate the products. Thanks to Nicola Ceresoli, CEO and Founder of NXPadel, all this was possible and after months of hard work, NXPadel was ready to make its market debut.
Thus, after the official founding in December 2022, the office location was identified and a few days later the marketing team was formed as well as the team of suppliers, agents, and partners who, scattered in every corner of the world immediately recognized the extraordinary nature of the NXPadel product.

During the first months of 2023, requests for information and quotes were growing more and more, a sign that the interest in NXPadel was alive and working in the right direction, and it was precisely in those days that, to confirm this positive trend and to give an even clearer signal to the market, ComfortGlass, the first indestructible and 100% safe padel wall, was launched. So after the Glass Fiber structure, NXPadel could now count on an innovation involving the entire structure of the padel court, and the attention grew even more.

Indeed, as is often the case, spring was, again, the bearer of wonderful news at NX. In those days, several partnership contracts were closed with leading padel court distributor companies, and with them, came confirmations for the construction of dozens of padel courts scattered in every corner of the world. The Netherlands, France, Belgium, America, and the Caribbean, are just some of the countries that have already chosen NXPadel and have been able to read in advance all the extraordinary and exclusive advantages that our products can guarantee. 
In the summer, the first NXPadel-branded Fiberglass padel courts were already up and running, and on the horizon was coming to another innovation that would disrupt even the third component of the padel court: ZeroS, is the first sandless padel mat that, thanks to its installation, durability, and playability advantages attracted such incredible attention that in just a week after its launch, it was immediately installed in existing padel courts in Italy and France, and orders do not seem to be diminishing even these days.

Arrived around the end of the year then, NXPadel has made innovation its must, and certainly does not intend to stop and the whole team is already at work for a 2024 that will not only see the realization of more and more padel courts but even more novelties and products that will revolutionize this industry even more.