How does it feel to play on a Fiberglass Padel Court?

Fiberglass Padel Courts offer many advantages in terms of playability, providing players with maximum comfort and safety on a padel court while still meeting the parameters of the IPF

How does it feel to play on a Fiberglass Padel Court?

Padel is already beautiful and funny in its own right and in just a few years it has made thousands of people fall in love with it who are now completely addicted to the sport and cannot spend a week away from the Padel courts. 
Speaking of courts what many people don't know and underestimate is the fact that not all of them are the same and there are some that, once discovered and tried, will be even harder to say no to a game of padel.
There are courts that provide a playing experience on another level. Where safety, comfort, and feel are put at the center of everything to make players enjoy the sport even more.
We are talking about NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts, an absolute novelty in the padel court market thanks to a product with unprecedented advantages for club managers, for padel court installers, and for players.

One of the first aspects worth mentioning lies in the impact between the players' bodies and the side Fiberglass meshes of the padel court. These possess incredible elasticity and resilience, which allows them to perfectly absorb any shock coming from the players' bodies
This characteristic helps padel players to have a much softer impact than on iron courts, preventing injuries, muscle aches, or abrasions.

Still talking about playing impact, it is worth mentioning another part of the court where NXPadel has intervened to bring to the market a product that ensures maximum safety for a player. We are talking about walls, and the product launched by the Italian Padel Court Supplier is called ComfortGlass, a super-strong and elastic acrylic compound that is impossible to break. ComfortGlass, as its name suggests, guarantees players maximum serenity when they are going to hit the walls. There will be no risk of breakage for them and even the impact will be cushioned by the extreme elasticity of this material once again averting the possibility of injury or muscle pain. Needless to say, if the glass does not break, maintenance also benefits, and there will be no need to re-call technicians or padel court installers to repair the damage.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of rumble and excessive noise on a Padel court so much that you can't even hear what your partner is saying?
Thanks to the Fiberglass and ComfortGlass features, the noise impact on NXPadel courts during a game is estimated to be just 64dB, which is far less than most courts on the market. This ensures a more pleasant playing experience for players and certainly won't give you any problems in communicating your opponents' movements to your partner.

In terms of playability, those just listed are the traits that distinguish Fiberglass Padel Courts from other padel court manufacturers and make for a maximally optimized and far safer and more comfortable playing experience.

There is one aspect, however, that at first given the completely innovative materials of the NXPadel courts generated some prejudice. The bounce of the ball on the meshes is an aspect on which in this case there is no difference with other courts on the market since NXPadel's product has been designed and tested to meet the parameters imposed by the International Padel Federation.
In Padel the bounce on the meshes, in fact, must be random, never the same, and what influences this randomness of bounce is the design of the meshes. 
They must have a precise shape and comply with certain measurements of thickness or size. As already mentioned these IPF-imposed measurements are respected even on NXPadel's Fiberglass courts ensuring all players the same rebounding experience they were used to on traditional courts but with all the added benefits of Fiberglass and ComfortGlass listed above.

Curious, then, to fall even more in love with the sport? To feel even more comfortable experiencing a playing experience you have never seen before? All you have to do is look for NXPadel's Fiberglass courts near you and try them out, or tell your trusted club manager to install some in your favorite padel center.