Injuries on a Padel Court: Why Fiberglass Padel Court is the safest solution

Why Fiberglass is safer than iron and helps prevent the risk of injuries on a padel court for players.


Injuries on a Padel Court: Why Fiberglass Padel Court is the safest solution

Have you ever found yourself in that situation where during a Padel game you you have to recover a very angled shot that goes to stop right next to the side meshes of the court? In such cases, it often happens that the trajectory of the ball forces the player who has to retrieve it to slam violently into the side meshes, and anyone who has played Padel knows that this is not at all pleasant for our bodies. The risk of bruised shoulder or knees, grazes and scrapes from the impact, or even worse, far more serious injuries is always just around the corner in this game situation but not only. Just think of an accidental fall and subsequent impact with the full weight of the body against the meshes and here is another typical case of injuries on a padel court.

NXPadel, thanks to its Fiberglass Padel Courts, wants to give an answer to this kind of playing situation and has studied and patented a product that represents a step forward compared to the other padel court suppliers and therefore guarantees maximum comfort and safety to every kind of Padel player.

Indeed, one of the most striking features of Fiberglass is its extreme elasticity and flexibility. Thanks to it, NXPadel's court meshes are able to absorb any kind of shock or impact, and this greatly lowers the risk of suffering muscle injuries or bruises and joint pain. In addition to absorbing shock, the Fiberglass mesh also gives players who bump into it a push back into the court, helping them regain their lost position. In this way, Fiberglass also becomes a real ally for lovers of the sport.



One aspect that will please padel court installers, but especially padel club owners, lies in the fact that Fiberglass meshes have great resilience and whenever they absorb the blows from players' bodies they return exactly to their original position, never curving or deforming, unlike what happens on iron courts.

Another often underestimated aspect is related to the fact that many iron padel courts have roughness or exposed iron parts near the joints and welds between one piece of mesh and another. This can often prove dangerous and can cause scratches but also more significant injuries depending on the force with which they are impacted. NXPadel's Fiberglass courts, on the contrary consist of a homogeneous structure with no spikes, bumps or exposed parts and ensure maximum safety in this respect as well.
Still talking about playing impact, it is worth mentioning another part of the court where NXPadel has intervened to bring to the market a product that ensures maximum safety for a player. We are talking about walls, and the product launched by the Italian Padel Court Supplier is called ComfortGlass, a super-strong and elastic acrylic compound that is impossible to break. ComfortGlass, as its name suggests, guarantees players maximum serenity when they are going to hit the walls. There will be no risk of breakage for them and even the impact will be cushioned by the extreme elasticity of this material once again averting the possibility of injury or muscle pain. Needless to say, if the glass does not break, maintenance also benefits, and there will be no need to re-call technicians or padel court installers to repair the damage. In addition to this, the indestructibility of ComfortGlass will also promote a much safe padel courts installation.

NXPadel, therefore has been able to bring to the market a product that meets the needs of anyone involved in the padel world. The incredible characteristics of Fiberglass, bring advantages in terms of padel courts installation, for Padel Courts suppliers and installers, in terms of maintenance for club owners and as explained in the article also safety for players, an aspect that today is becoming more and more important for padel as, thanks to the great growth of this sport, courts are also being created in schools, universities, companies, parks... all places where the issue of safety is central and where even the most inexperienced players can approach this fantastic sport in total serenity.