Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts: Install everywhere and save time on permits!

NXPadel launches its Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts, which can be installed anywhere and bypass some of the permits by replacing the concrete slab with a layer of aggregate and sandblasted concrete blocks.


Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts: Install everywhere and save time on permits!

Obtaining all the necessary permits to install a padel court is not always a given and especially not a procedure that takes little time. The creation of the concrete slab, which serves as the bottom of the playing surface, is where most of the complications arise for Padel Court Installers. It is not possible to install it everywhere, and where it can, lengthy procedures and careful studies of the terrain are required before approval by authorized agencies for certain environmental permits. For this reason, NXPadel, Italian Padel Courts Manufacturer, have developed their mobile Padel Courts that can be installed anywhere and bypass some of the bureaucracies.


As mentioned the acceptance of permits from the relevant authorities is related to the concrete slab. In NXPadel's mobile courts, it is replaced by a layer of aggregates ( such as gravel, sand, etc) overlaid with sandblasted concrete blocks that ensure perfect rebound and court performance identical to classic fixed padel courts. At this point, the bottom is almost ready for installation. All that remains is to securely fasten the structure to the ground. This is done by using counterweight slabs that must be placed on the long sides of the court, to be precise 6 slabs per side weighing 336 kilograms each. 
This way the court will have the same wind resistance as traditional Fiberglass Padel Courts, which have been tested on wind currents up to 130km/h according to Eurocodes.


As already mentioned, installing mobile Fiberglass Padel Padel Courts saves a lot of time and avoids some of the inconvenient bureaucratic steps with the bodies that will approve the project and allow them to be installed virtually anywhere. Through this procedure, it will also be possible to meet the needs of those who would need to install one of the courts for example near a beach, inside a tourist resort, in a hotel, or in all those areas where the approval of permits can become a long and difficult operation. 


With NXPadel, they also combine this with the extraordinary advantages of Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, the two main components of their courts thanks to which they have been able to distinguish themselves from the rest of the padel club through an innovative product that revolutionizes and simplifies the lives of all those involved in the padel world: players, club owners and padel court installers.


So is there a better combination than a Fiberglass Padel Court that is 100% Anti-Rust, safe, easy to install, and can be made without too much red tape? We'll give you some time to think about it, but we think we already know the answer!