NXPadel resets the maintenance of Padel Courts to zero

Thanks to the advantages of Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, NXPadel Padel Courts are maintenance-free and have a long service life.


NXPadel resets the maintenance of Padel Courts to zero

In recent years, more and more sports centers are replacing swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer pitches, or other facilities with padel courts. The reasons for these choices lie not only in the very high demand and growth of the sport but also in the maintenance costs, which compared to other sports facilities are relatively low.
This does not mean, however, that the costs are not there; on the contrary. A Padel Court is made up of components that, over time or under certain weather conditions, can deteriorate thus going on to lose their mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. Rust, impact deformation, loss of color, glass breakage, or scratches are just some of the most common problems that a padel court might face and they require immediate action by Padel Court Installers, thus costing club managers money and keeping the court down until maintenance is completed.
NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts, however, stand apart from all others, not only because of the many playing and installation advantages but also because of the use of innovative materials that can completely zero out padel court maintenance.

Those who play padel know that going to impact against the side meshes of a classic iron padel court happens frequently during a game and that in the long run, the continuous impacts of the players deform the meshes of the court. Needless to say, a court with curved or deformed meshes, in addition to losing aesthetics, does not guarantee optimal ball bounce, inevitably affecting playability as well.
However, the dynamics just described do not affect NXPadel courts: the Fiberglass Padel Court's structure is super-elastic, flexible, and above all resilient, meaning that after impact with the players' bodies, it immediately returns to its original position and never runs the risk of deforming with aging of even 53 years on the structure's mechanical properties. Abnormal breakage of the gratings, due to mistreatment or misuse of them ( certainly not from game dynamics) is possible and again NXPadel does not get caught unprepared, thanks to the fact that replacing the damaged mesh takes a few seconds of time ( thanks to the click and fix and rail system technologies) and since it does not require the intervention of the Paddle Court Installers, it can be carried out directly by the club manager in a few moments.
Secondly, Fiberglass Padel Court is chemically anti-rust and therefore does not need to be re-painted, even when installed near the sea, where saltiness is the number one enemy of iron courts.
Also, regarding outdoor courts, Fiberglass is UV-resistant, with a 10-year guarantee that it will not lose its original color and that the padel court will always be aesthetically perfect.


After, reviewing the advantages of the maintenance of the Fiberglass Paddle Court structure, we move on to analyze what concerns the care of the glass. Again, NXPadel offers a product that looks to the future and aims to improve what already exists in the Padel court market. One of a Padel player's greatest fears lies in the fact that going into the glass, it can break at any moment with often unpleasant consequences. NXPadel's ComfortGlass aims to nullify this fear, thanks to a super-strong and elastic glass that, by absorbing the impact with the players' body, never runs the risk of being able to break. In this way, in addition to ensuring the safety and peace of mind of the players, Padel Courts Installers and club owners will also not have to worry about any kind of maintenance, saving time and money. ComfortGlass, moreover, is scratch-resistant and perfectly resists vandalism or the throwing of stones or other objects that may be thrown at it. Fiberglass has a UV resistance guaranteed for 10 years.

In conclusion, NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts, represent a decisive breakthrough in all aspects of the Padel world, and the Italian company leaves nothing to chance and even on the subject of Padel Court maintenance turns that attention and care to details that can improve the lives of club managers and guarantee an easy padel court installation.
Because a hopefully long life sport deserves long life courts.