NXPadel Selection: three limited edition Fiberglass courts with iconic aesthetics for an exclusive experience.

We're pleased to present to you NXPadel Selection,Our most ambitious and extraordinary project consisting in three limited-edition courts, each with a story to tell and each with a never-before-seen aesthetic.

NXPadelSelection: three limited edition Fiberglass courts with iconic aesthetics for an exclusive experience.

“There exist realities that can reverberate with extreme precision every single detail of your extraordinary uniqueness…
Where the most sophisticated and advanced technologies merge inextricably with the zenith of a 'timeless aesthetic.
To overturn and disrupt the paradigms of convention and create something destined to sculpt memory...something iconic
When the time comes, you will only need one glance to understand it and grasp its authentic and exquisite exclusiveness”

So goes the first of four teaser videos that have appeared on our social channels in recent weeks; a message that, however cryptic and hermetic, certainly hinted at the impending arrival of something new and revolutionary on the horizon.
Now that moment has finally arrived and via a previously announced event then streamed a few days ago on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, the most ambitious, creative, and incredible project ever for NXPadel was officially launched.

This time, however, after introducing the Fiberglass structure, the ComfortGlass, and the ZeroS mat, we are ready to outdo ourselves and push the boundaries of our imagination by investing our Padel Courts with a new role unrelated to the purely technical aspect. 
To do so, we wanted to stimulate the most whimsical, sophisticated, and precious side of the lovers of this sport, delving into a dimension that has to do with emotions and that sense of awe and wonder that you can feel only in front of something that is able to reflect our most exclusive uniqueness strong with a story and a concept to tell

Thus, from these assumptions, NXPadelSelection was born, a limited edition collection of Fiberglass Padel Courts, which in addition to being the perfect synthesis of unparalleled beauty, quality of materials, and technological sophistication, can reflect the most authentic spirit, character, and style of the people who will go to experience it.
To do so, we have declined this collection into three Selections: The David, The Spectre, and The Timber.
Three Padel Courts with three immediately recognizable and iconic styles, and to each of them we have entrusted the mission of telling a different story, by becoming the most accurate and meticulous expression of those who will be able to identify with it, to excite and make them live an unprecedented experience on a Padel Court


The David is elegance, class, and the most sophisticated finesse in the form of a Padel Court. A masterpiece of beauty and refined aestheticism with a proudly Italian heritage.
In The David, the Fiberglass structure has been reinterpreted and embellished with a fabulous marbled finish that, immediately, explains why we chose the name. 
Inspired by Michelangelo's David, the most emblematic symbol of the Italian Renaissance, this special Padel Court combines the white of the marbled Fiberglass with the black-colored ZeroS carpet, thus generating an effect of contrasts and light and shadow that makes it an icon of timeless beauty, elegance, and style. 

In a different vein is The Spectre, the second Selection, an futuristic Padel Court that identifies imaginative, subversive, and creative people. Indeed, in this case, Fiberglass has been finely crafted to replicate carbon fiber, a material that is emblematic of power, hi-tech, and versatility. It is no coincidence that in The Spectre the structure is dotted with details in blazing red and that the ZeroS carpet is also in this shade. Indeed, this Selection aims to be an expression of the fire of passion that fuels a spirit oriented toward dynamism, speed, and a taste for the modern and the most advanced technologies. 

Completely at the antipodes to the first two we find the third and last Selection, undoubtedly the most introspective, intimate, and pristine. 
The Timber, with its finishes, gives the court an appearance of the natural wood of a tree, and this, combined with the green ZeroS, defines a homogeneous and uniform space in which nature and human activities coexist synergistically without ever getting in the way.
This Selection aims to join all those people who find in their connection with nature, their perfect balance and the best version of themselves embodying a personal and authentic way of living this sport. 

As Nicola Ceresoli, CEO of NXPadel, explained during the official launch event, NXPadelSelection has already been on pre-sale since February 9 while it will officially be on the market starting April 1 in a limited run of only 30 numbered copies (10 for each Selection), and given the importance and value of this work, this is by no means a random choice: we are facing, a project that is unprecedented in this field, a project that not only contains the most cutting-edge technologies for a Padel Court that we have been able to introduce in the market in recent years, but that can enhance them to the fullest by going to embody the uniqueness of the players who will have the exclusive pleasure of playing on it. 

It is a new way of conceiving the Padel Court that, now, becomes an accurate transposition of one's personality and that in a few moments can tell everything about us. 
All this is NXPadelSelection, The Wonder of Iconic Exclusivity.

Will you be the first to be able to breathe in the exclusive pleasure of embracing iconicity?