NXShowroom, The mini Fiberglass Padel Court at NXPadel's offices

NXShowroom is the mini Fiberglass Padel Court at NXPadel's offices represents an additional opportunity for the company and the place where Marketing and Sales come together.


NXShowroom, The mini Fiberglass Padel Court at NXPadel's offices

Having a padel court within one's company is probably the dream of many enthusiasts who during their lunch break or rather after the work day can thus pick up their paddle and indulge in their favorite sport directly at their workplace. NXPadel, as a Padel Courts Manufacturer, could certainly not avoid having this privilege, which for obvious reasons is also and above all linked to Business reasons.
For the past few weeks, a mini Fiberglass Padel Court equipped with ComfortGlass has been installed inside the NXPHQ,  in just a few days it has understandably become the NXPadel team's most fun and favorite space and has been named NXShowroom.

The court measures 4x8 meters and is 2.8 meters high and was installed in the mobile version without the need, therefore, for a concrete slab but simply laid on top of a base of aggregates and sandblasted concrete plates and supported by counterweight plates on the sides.  

The reasons for installing NXShowroom are several:

First of all, from a business point of view, for  Padel Court Suppliers or for Padel Court Installers Compan that want to bring to the market a completely innovative and never-seen-before product, it is essential, to have a padel court in the spaces of their company that can be shown, tested and appreciated firsthand by potential customers or partners. In this way, anyone will have the opportunity to be able to experience the benefits of Fiberglass Padel Courts first hand, either remotely, where it will be easy to show in video-call the features of the court but especially in person, where at the end of the meeting the customer will be guided to the area of the offices dedicated to the court and will be able to understand live the uniqueness of this product creating an optimized and 100% realistic customer experience.


In the second analysis, the Padel Court at NXPHQ has already become a key space for the marketing team, which has already started to exploit its location where they can take videos, photos, and interviews to be used for all of NXPadel's online channels. In this way, the community will be made even more participatory about NXPadel's daily activities and product benefits, and it will be much easier for the marketing team to be able to record this content directly in the company spaces without having to move to a sports center and having a more appealing setting.

Finally, this Court was also the pretext to launch NXShowroom as a product for all our partner companies to install in their offices around the world to better show end customers the features of Fiberglass Padel Courts.

Now the NXPHQ is more comprehensive and versatile, and its mini Fiberglass Padel Court has become the beating heart of all corporate spaces. It is the place where Sales and Marketing merge, where the customer can physically realize the extraordinary nature of the product, and where all of NXPadel's digital creations come to life, but undoubtedly it has also become the place to unwind at the end of the workday and the scene of exciting 1vs1 matches between NX team members.