Padel and Women: Why Padel is more and more Pink

The reasons why padel has become one of the most popular and practiced sports for women

Padel women

Padel and Women: Why Padel is more and more Pink

The padel craze is literally exploding in more and more countries around the world and knows no social, age, or even gender boundaries, and it is no coincidence that it is widely regarded as the undisputed king of the most inclusive sports.
The fact that it is easy to play, that it does not require too much advanced physical and athletic training, and the variable of unpredictability and fun, in fact, have contributed to making Padel the sport of the moment and making so many people fall in love with the sport. 
Among the categories that have come closest to padel are undoubtedly women, and it is absolutely no coincidence that tennis, the most famous of racquet sports has a very strong tradition of female players and that women's tennis is a sport where the ratio of men to women is among the most balanced.


Returning to Padel, one only has to walk around one of the many clubs that have sprung up around the world to realize how many women tread the Padel courts and how much the sport has also found a great response from the fairer sex. 
The numbers speak for themselves since in Spain and Italy, two of the countries where Padel is most practiced, the percentage of women on Padel courts is between 30% and 38%, a significant percentage when compared to other sports.
In fact, playing Padel is a fun activity that fosters sociability and human relationships, and the fact that it can be practiced in fours encourages women to participate together with friends, sisters, mothers, and co-workers, making a group.

padel women

In addition, it is a sport that does not require extreme physical strength or special athletic training but at the same time gives great satisfaction to those who play it since it is much easier to learn than, for example, tennis and establishes the addictive mechanism of padel that more and more players have come to know.
In spite of this, padel is a great way to keep fit; in fact, it is estimated that during a game of an hour and a half, you get to consume about 600-700 kcal and that it is an excellent activity for firming the buttocks and keeping fit while having fun.

In addition to this, Padel has also been very successful at the professional level. In fact, at each stage of the Premier Padel or World Padel Tour, both the men's and women's tournaments are played and this has helped a lot to get passionate and attached to the players who have now become real icons of the world-famous sports and with whom the most important sports and nonsports brands establish partnerships.
Even many people say that watching a women's padel match helps us better understand some tactical dynamics, as exchanges are often longer and power, which now dominates men's padel, takes a back seat. 

Given these assumptions, we can therefore say that Padel is increasingly pink, with the certainty that in the coming years, the gap between the two genders will decrease more and more once again confirming Padel as the most inclusive sport in the world.