Padel balls Pressurizer extends the life of your padel balls

Thanks to the Padel balls pressurizer you can extend the life of your Padel balls, saving money and doing good for the environment


Padel Balls Pressurizer extends the life of your padel balls

If you are a Tennis or Padel player you have surely happened to have to throw away a tube of balls after a few hours of playing because, they no longer bounced as they did at the beginning.
For the past few years, a tool that responds to this situation has been making more and more headlines and is becoming quite popular among players.We are talking about the Padel balls pressurizer.

This invention can increase the durability and condition of the balls, which in this way will not have to be replaced and then bought back after each match. For the balls to maintain the same pressure inside, it is necessary to insert them inside the Padel balls pressurizer as soon as the match is over and then take them out at the time of the next use. Thus the balls will be as good as new after each padel match.

There are two types of the most effective padel balls pressurizer on the market: the first is the pump pressurizer, a special tube with an airtight cap in which compressed air is pumped using a pump equipped with a manometer, knowing what the internal pressure of the balls must be.
The second is simply a special cap with an inlet for any pump ( even one for bicycles) to adhere to the classic tube that we buy with the balls. Again, air must be pumped inside the tube to restore the original pressure.



The advantages that this tool is bringing to Padel players are many.
The first has to do with the considerable saving of money, since buying a tube of balls after each game can, for those who are regular frequenters of padel courts. result in an expense of several tens of euros per month.
The second, on the other hand, has to do with our health. Playing with deflated balls has to impact on the spine and knees, because due to the lower bounce, we have to bend more, but also on the joints of the upper limbs, which will have to use more force than when inflated balls are used.
Finally, being able to extend the life of our balls can reduce our impact on the environment because it goes a long way toward decreasing the number of balls that end up in garbage or landfills each year.

In conclusion, the padel balls pressurizer is the item of the moment to have Padel balls that are always inflated, responsive, and bounce perfectly. Now your opponent will no longer have an excuse to say that if he can't make a X3 it is the fault of the balls being too deflated!