Padel's New Legacy: Premier Padel and World Padel Tour Merge to Redefine Professional Padel Circuits

Premier Padel and World Padel Tour (WPT), two prominent circuits in the padel world, are set to merge, creating a unified global professional padel circuit.


Padel's New Legacy: Premier Padel and World Padel Tour Merge to Redefine Professional Padel Circuits

In a significant stride towards the advancement of Padel, Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) and Damm have officially unveiled a historic merger that is poised to reshape the landscape of the sport. Premier Padel and World Padel Tour (WPT), two prominent circuits in the Pádel world, are set to merge, creating a unified global professional Padel circuit under the banner of Premier Padel. This transformative alliance, slated to commence in 2024, marks a groundbreaking chapter in the history of Padel.

Qatar Sports Investments, renowned for its ownership of the Premier Padel circuit, and Damm, the driving force behind Setpoint Events and the organizational backbone of World Padel Tour, have formalized a historic agreement that will see the acquisition of WPT by QSI. This strategic collaboration between the two entities not only reflects their commitment to the sport but also paves the way for a dynamic future for professional Pádel.

As part of this transformative accord, Premier Padel and WPT are set to amalgamate into a singular global professional Padel circuit, maintaining the distinguished name of Premier Padel. The oversight and governance of this unified entity will be entrusted to the International Padel Federation, an alliance that underscores the sport's international reach and significance.

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, a prominent figure as the President of Qatar Sports Investments and Premier Padel, encapsulated the collective sentiment regarding this monumental merger: "This is a historic moment for the sport of Paddle, witnessing the two premier professional Padel circuits finally unified into a single global circuit, Premier Padel, starting next year. We are very excited about this new chapter."


A decade of World Padel Tour's legacy and influence is poised to converge with the visionary plans of QSI. The meticulously crafted agreement, forged through months of negotiations, encompasses QSI's acquisition of WPT's business assets. Moreover, this historic accord is set to quell lingering disputes that have involved QSI, the International Padel Federation, and professional players who have graced both Premier Padel and WPT.

Demetrio Carceller Arce, the CEO of Damm, highlighted the transformative nature of this agreement: "The new era of World Padel Tour under QSI's leadership is poised to accelerate the global trajectory of the circuit. Damm takes immense pride in its pivotal role in elevating professional Pádel to a global standard, making World Padel Tour a cornerstone of the sport."

Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation, heralded the union of Premier Padel and WPT: "As the governing body of Paddle worldwide, we are thrilled to see the merger of two great tours into a fantastic global circuit. The International Padel Federation acknowledges Damm for its significant contribution to the sport of Paddle Tennis through the World Padel Tour since its inception in 2013."

Amidst the transition, the year 2023 will witness the continuation of independent operations for WPT and Premier Padel circuits. Simultaneously, meticulous efforts will be underway to harmonize competitions and logistics, culminating in the launch of a unified global circuit, Premier Padel, commencing from 2024. The fusion promises to transcend boundaries, celebrate the sport's diversity, and ignite a renewed passion for professional Padel.