Padel vs Pickleball: the differences between the two sports of the future

Let's find out the differences in the game, rules, and equipment between Padel and Pickleball, the two most up-and-coming sports of recent years

Padel vs Pickleball: The Differences Between the Two Sports of the Future

Many have surely heard of it, some may have already tried it, and some are skeptical and do not consider it anywhere near Padel.
What is certain, and a given by now, is that there is another racquet sport poised to make a strong entrance among the most popular and beloved sports. 
We are talking about Pickleball, a sport that is already widespread in all age groups in the United States, where the exponential growth of sports facilities dedicated to it, tournaments and events knows no respite, but which recently is beginning to spread experimentally in Europe as well.

It is not strange, in fact, to come across, the first Pickleball courts even in the Old Continent, often installed close to those of Padel, and as a result, the first comparisons between the two sports between those who are wary and those who instead appreciate and see it in a positive light, could only arise.
What they have in common, besides the fact that they are both racket sports, is the fact that they are easier to play than tennis and, thanks to the fact that they are able to give satisfaction after a short time, the two sports are experiencing fast growth and wide acclaim even if at different latitudes.

Let's now look at the differences between Padel and Pickleball: starting with the court, the one for Pickleball is smaller and measures 13x6 meters versus 20x10 meters for the padel court. In addition, in Pickleball there is no glass or even the lateral structure of the court, which instead is more reminiscent of a mini-tennis court. As for the playing surface, unlike Padel where the most common one is synthetic grass, in Pickleball the concrete court is preferred.

Speaking of racket and balls, in Pickleball the rackets are not perforated and and are made in most cases of graphite; they are lighter, thinner, with a shorter handle and a greater impact surface than padel paddles. Turning to the ball, in Pickleball a perforated, plastic ball is used that is a little larger than the padel ball but lighter. 

Speaking of rules, one of the most famous aspects of Pickleball is the no-volley zone, also called the "kitchen" an area of the court near the net inside which you cannot enter with your feet and execute volley shots. 
As for scoring, in Pickleball there is no scoring like in tennis, but to win, one must win three sets of 11 points.

In conclusion, both sports are gaining more and more popularity and their development is mirrored in terms of the countries in which they are gaining popularity. While padel fever has spread starting in Europe and in the last have also hit the States, with Pickleball we are witnessing the reverse process.
Which sport will take over globally? And most importantly, which of the two will be the first to make its debut at the Olympic Games?