Paris Chooses NXPadel: 4 Fiberglass Padel Courts for the Ville de Paris

Confirmed the agreement for a new padel center in Paris with 4 Fiberglass + ComfortGlass Padel Courts purchased directly from the municipality.

Paris Chooses NXPadel: 4 Fiberglass Padel Courts for the Ville de Paris

Paris, recognized all over the world for being the cradle of art, culture, and fashion has always shown a very strong attitude in being a city at the forefront, always open to change, to innovation in the most various aspects. 
It is no coincidence that the Ville Lumiere has been chosen to host the upcoming Olympic Games, which starting next July 26 will light up the French capital even more. 
To see Padel also added to the Five Circles program, we will have to be patient a little longer but in the meantime, we can console ourselves with a piece of news that will undoubtedly do good to the Parisian padel scene and perhaps one day, who knows, help add the missing piece to our favorite sport. 

Just two days ago, an agreement was confirmed with the City of Paris to build 4 brand new Fiberglass Padel Courts by NXPadel at the Jules Ladoumègue Sports Center that will add to the already rich variety of sports offered at the facility starting in May. 

The project, born from the partnership with NGE, our official distributors in French territory, consists of 4 Fiberglass Padel Courts, in the Midnight version in the N1A model, our top-of-the-range model as well as the synthesis of the two main technologies with which we are revolutionizing the padel courts sector: the Fiberglass structure and the ComfortGlass walls. The former, protected by an International Patent can offer new and exclusive advantages in terms of installation, and playability but above all maintenance, is our trademark and although it is a completely different material from traditional padel courts, it perfectly meets all the parameters imposed by the International Padel Federation
ComfortGlass walls have allowed us to reverse the players' relationship with the walls, since being a super elastic acrylic compound and designed for padel, they are indestructible and 100% safe for the first time. 

It is worth mentioning that the Jules Ladoumègue Sports Center is located in the 19th Arrondissement, just a short walk from Parc de la Villette, one of the largest and most important green areas in Paris, which houses within it several attractions including Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, the largest science museum in Europe; Géode, the famous hemispherical projection room; Cité de la musique, a museum of musical instruments with a concert hall and home to the Conservatoire; and the Zénith, a 6300-seat arena.
Staying with the Olympic theme, this very area will be home to Club France where French athletes who win medals will be celebrated and feted by fans. 

From these assumptions, it is clear that the location of the sports center and its 4 new Fiberglass padel courts, will take on a particularly strategic role and will certainly provide a perfect stage for the padel movement in general since the entire area will be affected by a very large number of people who will have the opportunity to get close to the sport and discover the incredible advantages of the NXPadel courts. 

We again make no secret of our enthusiasm for this project. The fact that an institution like the City of Paris has recognized the potential of our products inevitably fills us with pride and gives us the prestigious opportunity to develop our solutions in a country with enormous potential in terms of the development of the sport. 

We just have to wait until May to show you the first pictures of the completed project and especially to be able to know the opinions about the Fiberglass Padel Courts in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, but we are sure it will be a success!