Reduce the Side Costs of your Padel Court with Fiberglass in 3 steps

The reasons why choosing a fiberglass padel court can also be crucial in terms of economics due to optimized installation and transportation and the very low maintenance they require.

Reduce the Side Costs of your Padel Court with Fiberglass in 3 steps

One of the most common mistakes made by those who want to invest in padel is to look at the price of the padel court in an absolute sense and, thinking to save money, choose the cheapest option completely forgetting about the collateral costs incurred.
These costs can depend on a variety of factors, such as future maintenance needs, materials used, installation, transportation, etc., and for these reasons, it is essential to take the right precautions to choose a product that does not reserve unpleasant surprises. 
At NXPadel, we have been committed since day one to ensuring that all our solutions respond positively to these dynamics, offering tangible benefits to the entire padel ecosystem from the players, to the installers and, of course, the club managers who expect a product that will make their customers happy without forgetting the importance of the financial sustainability of the investment

Among the three main components of a padel court, the structure (the posts, beams, and meshes) deserves its discussion, firstly because it represents a large part of the court, and secondly, because it is undoubtedly the part with the highest maintenance costs, but also the one that requires the most attention in terms of installation and transport

As many already know, the very first element that allowed us to distinguish ourselves and start a real revolution in this field is the Fiberglass structure. Protected by an International Patent, it has always been the hallmark of our Padel courts and has allowed us to shed light on aspects still unexplored in this industry, bringing benefits to all stakeholders gravitating around Padel. 

In this article, therefore, we will analyze in 3 points why the Fiberglass structure is also economically decisive when purchasing a padel court

Zero the maintenance costs of your padel court structure!

The maintenance of the Fiberglass structure is one of the aspects that make it a winning solution more than any other.
First of all, Fiberglass is a chemically anti-rust material and does not require expensive and complicated galvanizing processes to resist oxidation. This allows our padel courts to be installed in any location without rust affecting their aesthetics and all of this reduces zero the maintenance costs of the structure, which from the moment it is installed, will not need to be repainted or even replaced by then rust has caused irreversible structural damage

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the Fiberglass structure does not need to be repainted even for scratches or discoloration due to UV rays. Regarding scratches remember that the Fiberglass structure is not painted on the outside and the color is given by the material itself during production.  Regarding discoloration, our structure is treated with a special process to resist UV rays for at least 10 years.


Why does faster installation lead you to save money?

The installation of the Fiberglass structure is another aspect that allows you to save a lot of money: with traditional padel courts, the installation of the iron or steel structure is undoubtedly one of the most complex and time-consuming parts of the whole process, but with Fiberglass the scenario totally changes: first of all, being much lighter, it ensures better handling and easier operations for padel court installers
In addition, thanks to the Rail System and Click&Fix technologies, we have been able to develop a simple, intuitive and extremely fast installation system that halves the installation time of our structure compared to traditional padel courts. 

All of this means fewer men on site during installation and, most importantly, fewer days to install a single court, which translates into significant savings in installation costs. 

Up to 7 Fiberglass Padel Courts in the same container for optimized transportation!

This brings us to the last aspect to consider: transportation. 
Due to their shape and lightweight, the Fiberglass structure components are easily stackable and take up very little space inside the container. This aspect is crucial when large padel clubs need to transport several padel courts and to give you a numerical idea, it is possible to transport up to 7 complete Fiberglass courts in the same container, optimizing transportation and reducing costs. 


As we have said, it is important to be aware that for a correct investment in padel, it is good to take into account all the variables related to it and that the price to be paid is not limited to the cost of the court itself, and it is good to focus also and especially on the factors we have shown, which sooner or later will come into play.
NXPadel has once again left nothing to chance, now it is up to you to make the right choice!