The Biggest Prize Money in Padel History

At the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, the richest, all-time prize money divided equally between men and women for the first time in Premier Padel.


The Biggest Prize Money in Padel History

As all Padel fans know, the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, the second major of the season, now in its second year, is underway this week on the famous courts of Roland Garros in Paris. After the great success of 2022, the desire to see the best padel players on the circuit again in the same sports facility that has seen the best tennis players in history compete for more than a hundred years was sky-high. Now that the wait is over and the blue synthetic grass has taken the place of red clay on the Philippe Chatrier, it is time to analyze the first new features of the 2023 edition, and since the final stages of the major have yet to come into focus, we will dwell more on the economic ones.


If we dwell on the prize money, we can already speak of a record: with this year's edition, in fact, the prize money allocated by the organizers has reached 1 million 50 thousand euros, thus becoming the richest prize money in the history of padel.  With figures like that, even wild cards and winners of the qualifying draw acquire even more value, so much so that access to the first round is worth as much as 1477 euros per player.


One aspect directly related to the amount of prize money is undoubtedly sponsors, and for this second edition, the tournament can count on the support of several of them, starting with Greenweez, the Title Partner of the competition. Aside from the image and business issues at stake, it is worth noting that, like many of us, the head of the organic products e-commerce platform Romain Roy is a regular player and paddle enthusiast.
Behind Greenweez are Alpine, Veolia, and Wilson. The automotive brand logo will be visible on the network instead of Renault, following a refinement of the group's strategy, Renault being a partner in the Roland-Garros tennis tournament.
BNP Paribas, CBTW, Fun Radio and Le Parisien are Official Partners. Finally, Forest Hill, ISDIN, MejorSet and Piper Heidsieck are Official Suppliers.



In addition to the purely numerical aspect of the record, there is another novelty concerning the prize money for this edition. This year, in fact, for the first time in the history of Premier Padel the prize money is divided equally between the men's and women's categories. This demonstrates the fact that the women's tournament also deserves the exact same attention as the men's. A big step, then, also in terms of gender equality and a positive message that Padel sends to other sports and society in general.

The Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major 2023, then, is not only a showcase for the talent on the Padel Court but also represents a benchmark, a catalyst for the growth and expansion of the sport worldwide. The increased prize money and prestige associated with the tournament help take Padel even further to new levels of notoriety and appeal.

What to say? If these are the premises, who knows what we should expect from the court? Will new records be set? Will we witness a four-hour match? Will we see a wild card snatch the scepter from Lebron and Galan? We may be dreaming a little too much now, but in Padel, you never know!