The Hexagon Cup takes shape: Here are all the players who will participate!

The Hexagon Cup, staged Jan. 31 through Feb. 4 takes shape. All the players for the world's most fun padel tournament announced.

The Hexagon Cup takes shape: Here are all the players who will participate!

It has been talked about for months, and immediately the news sparked a lot of interest from around the padel world. Now that we are getting closer and closer to the start date and now that it is starting to take shape more and more, the anticipation for what will be the padel tournament with the most unique and entertaining format in the world is through the roof. We are talking about the Hexagon Cup, which will be staged in Madrid from January 31 to February 4. 
As many already know, the formula of this tournament is completely innovative and unprecedented in padel. Hexagon Cup, as its name also suggests, is a six-team competition, each of which will be chaired by a celebrity from the world of sports, entertainment or business. In turn, each team will consist of six players: two professional players from the men's circuit, two from the women's circuit, and two next-gen players

Hexagon Cup's motto is " For the show, for the players, for the fans," and it will be precisely the union of sports and show that will be the most emblematic aspect of the tournament, which will see the alternation of moments of great entertainment with matches by the world's greatest padel players. 
Speaking of the players who will take the court, the news that everyone has been waiting for arrived just today. Until now in fact, only the names of the Team's Owners and two Franchise Players for each team (one male and one female) were known, but today all the names have finally been announced and they are ready to do battle for a prize pool of 1 million euros.
Are you curious? Let's see them!

Hexagon Team

The first team to be unveiled last September was the Hexagon Team itself, which announced Paquito Navarro and Alejandra Salazar as franchise players at its presentation event. Well, this magnificent duo will be joined by Juan Martín Díaz and Tamara Icardo.
As for the Next Gen players, the Hexagon Team will feature Pablo Cardona (19 years old) and current number 72 in the FIP ranking, and Alonso Rodriguez (20), who is ranked 115th in the FIP lists.


Rafa Nadal Academy Team powered by Richard Mille

After the Hexagon cup team, it was the turn of the Rafa Nadal Academy Team powered by Richard Mille, which has Maribel Nadal as its top representative. The academy line-up of the 22-time Grand Slam champion announced earlier this week Martita Ortega and Álex Ruiz as franchise players. These two great faces of the world of sport will be accompanied by  Franco Stupaczuk and Gemma Triay
Regarding the Next-Gen, Guillermo Collado and Daniel Santigosa are the chosen ones.

RL9 Team

The RL9 Team of Polish footballer Robert Lewandowski was the third team to confirm its participation in the Hexagon Cup, and demonstrated its ambition for the tournament with the presence of Agustín Tapia and Ariana Sánchez as franchise players. The women's pairing is completed with the election of Claudia Jensen. As for the men's pair, it will be Jon Sanz who will accompany Agustín Tapia on the court.
‍The RL9 also bets on the youngest Next Gen couple of the tournament, which will be formed by David Gala and the Argentine Enzo Jensen

Team AD/vantage 

Andy Murray, Arran Yentob and Dani Vallverdú are the leaders of Team AD/vantage who bring a UK flavour to the Hexagon Cup. Just a few days ago, the team confirmed Delfina Brea and Martín di Nenno as franchise players. The team's choice in the Draft led them to select Sofia Araujo, and Juan Tello.
By their side, they will have the Next Gen Pablo Garcia and Pol Hernandez

ElevenEleven Team USA
The American entry headed by Eva Longoria, renowned actress, director, entrepreneur and activist, and Dani Homedes, from Dara Sport, announced Fernando Belasteguín and Paula Josemaría as franchise players. They are joined by Luciano Capra and Alejandra Alonso.
The Next Gen selected by the team are Alex Chozas and Emilio Sanchez

Team Bella Puerto Rico
Finally, the last team to confirm its presence in the Hexagon Cup was Team Bella Puerto Rico, led by Carlos López-Lay and María Esteve, Puerto Rican businessmen and owners of the Bella automotive group. As franchise players, the Puerto Rican team has two references in the world of padel such as Bea González and Arturo Coello. In this case, during the draft the team chose Claudia Gonzalez, and Coki Nieto.
The young promises that will complete this team are Fran Guerrero and Rodrigo Coello.

What can I say, the premises are certainly enticing, the formula is something never seen before, and the level of players on the court speaks for itself! Who will win the first edition of the Hexagon Cup?