The History of NXPadel

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The History of NXPadel

NXPadel was born from the willingness of Luca and Nicola to bring a breeze of freshness to the Padel business.
Based in Bergamo NXPadel aims to become a global brand recognized by 3 simple milestones: Innovation, Quality, and Freshness.

4 years ago Luca Ceresoli started designing and thinking about the ‘’Fiberglass Padel Court’’; an idea that came from a simple thought: Iron padel courts get rust!
Former owner of a fishing company, Luca mixed his knowledge of boats, with his 30-years experience in sports facilities and began designing the padel court structure in Fiberglass.

After 2 years and a half, finally Luca came out with the 1st version of the product and in the next 2 years, the sales reached almost 1’000 units.

In 2022, Nicola Ceresoli, Luca’s son, decided to start NXPadel to spread the awareness of Fiberglass Padel Court worldwide;

Company’s aim is to reach 40 counties in 5 years by promoting the amount of strategic advantages Fiberglass Courts have instead of the classic and old-fashioned iron.


The firing mix of Luca, an experienced manager and technician, and Nicola, a fresh and ambitious marketer, was able to create a sophisticated brand and a game-changer product that perfectly matches beauty and efficiency; a revolution in the Padel court business to increase the global popularity of this sport.

Perfectly aware of the market situation, NXPadel is ready to promote, explain and story-tell why Fiberglass Padel Court totally differentiates from the current products by favoring every actor around this business: Players, Installers, Distributors, Events, Federations...
NXPadel exists to satisfy ‘’Padel People’’, understand their needs and their dreams, and allow everybody to play this Sport.

We want to create a global community that can identify itself in our Vision: Experience Padel to the Fullest.

Padel world is at a turning point for its future and we want to play a key role in the strategic development all over the globe.


NXPadel is ready to do it! So you are?
If you believe in the power of innovation, we’ll be very pleased to speak with you.
If you believe in the allurement of change, we’d love to speak with you.
If you believe in wonderfully of being different we absolutely want to speak with you!