The Must-Have Accessories on your Fiberglass Padel Court

Discover NXPadel's line of accessories and make your padel court even safer, more complete and unique!

The Must-Have Accessories on your Fiberglass Padel Court

As manufacturers of padel courts, we know that one of the most central prerogatives for a padel club owner, especially in light of the increasingly large-scale expansion of the sport, is to make their sports center unique, distinguishable from all others, and able to stand out significantly amidst increasingly competitive competition.
In addition to focusing on the services and style of the surroundings of the padel center, it is also necessary to turn one's attention to the courts themselves, and if the unprecedented features of NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts, combined with their unique and attractive design and all the advantages that are radically changing this industry were not enough, we have meticulously studied a line of accessories that go to complete and make a padel court even safer but above all recognizable, and in this article we will analyze them. 

We cannot help but start with the net, much loved and hated at the same time by every padel player. Ours is called NXNet, it is made of knotted PP and black stainless steel poles guaranteeing it a long life and perfect aesthetics over time. One of the most interesting aspects is the PVC top band, which we at NXPadel have made customizable with logos and claims identifying the Padel Club or Partner distributor and helping to give the courts an even more defined identity. 

A second essential accessory for any padel court is the protection kit for the net posts and court goals. One of the most fun and spectacular game dynamics, in fact, is the " salida por la puerta" when, in an attempt to retrieve a "Por tres," players literally come out of the court goals trying to surprise their opponents with a shot near the net that leaves no escape. In order for this to happen in complete safety, however, it is necessary for the goal and net posts to be covered by a sponge membrane that would cushion any blow and avert any kind of injury. This is why we have launched NXSafe and also with regard to this accessory there is the possibility of customizing it with the colors and logos of the padel club where it will be installed to give it additional characterization.


Let's stay on the topic of safety but this time not for the players on the court but ... for the court itself.
Unfortunately, it often happens that we have to deal with ill-intentioned people who, especially during the night hours, can gain access to the padel court vandalizing it and thwarting the important economic investment behind the project. This happens mostly on padel courts placed in public parks but it is not uncommon to occur in a classic padel center as well. 
To remedy the problem we also created our own system of sliding doors for padel courts and in our case, they could not but be made of Fiberglass guaranteeing perfect aesthetics, durability and ease of installation. They are called NXSlide and are installed on the outside of the structure at the doors. They undoubtedly represent the perfect ally to protect any padel court from unwanted guests in any situation.

From these assumptions, it is now clear that completing a padel court with quality accessories that, in addition to giving it an even more exclusive aesthetic, are also able to ensure a maximum level of safety in and out of the court, represents an incredible opportunity for a winning project over time. 
All you have to do is access the Configurator section of our site and start indulging in creating the most unique and safe padel courts ever!