The New Pairs of Premier Padel 2024

The new Premier Padel season is almost underway, and with it, there is no shortage of news even for the pairs that will face each other among resounding novelties, unexpected confirmations, and someone still without a partner.

The New Pairs of Premier Padel 2024

The first all-Premier Padel season is almost upon us, and after the last tournaments in December, it's time for players to recharge their batteries in preparation for the first commitments in February, and for some, even to separate from their partners by going to form a new pair.
To the delight of fans, most of the top pairs on the men's circuit will remain unchanged for next year as well with world number ones Tapia-Coello ready to reconfirm themselves, with Stupaczuk-Di Nenno increasingly fierce, and with Lebron-Galan who contrary to rumors, surprised everyone with their choice to stay together again next year after a season finale that saw them as protagonists.

Prominent among the news is the separation between Navarro and Chingotto, who after ending their adventure together by sealing a historic victory at the Master Finale in Madrid, have already closed the deal with their future respective partners. For Paquito, it is a bit of a return to the past since his partner will be Sanyo Gutierrez with whom at the turn of 2016 and 2017 he won no less than 8 titles so much so that many are already wondering if they will still be as close as they were then. Chingotto, on the other hand, who many thought was already destined for Ale Galan, will go on to form a duo with Momo Gonzalez, thus creating one of the most spectacular and anticipated "parejas".

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Further news concerns Fernando Belasteguin who, after an injury-strewn season is hungry for victory but even more so to end his career in a memorable way since 2024 will also be his last year as a professional. The Boss will join Lucho Capra to repeat a pattern that had proven successful in the past: joining a left-handed, explosive-playing player who will occupy the right side of the field, as had been the case in the past with Juan Martin Diaz, Pablo Lima, and Arturo Coello. Lucho Capra, on the other hand, will part ways with former world number one Maxi Sanchez who, instead, will join Gonzalo Rubio.

Staying in the top 20 zone, there is the new partnership between Pincho Fernandez and Juan Cruz Belluati and the confirmation of Coki Nieto with Jon Sanz after the good things they showed last year. It is a different matter for Tello-Ruiz with an up and down season behind them and for Ruiz-Bergamini who instead have a better chance of staying together.

Finally, they remain without partner Javi Garrido, orphaned by Momo Gonzalez and Mike Yanguas after the split with Belasteguin, but we are sure that very soon we will know more and that all the pairs of the circuit will be delineated and ready to do battle in 2024 that is already in history.