The Timber: When the Purity of Wood Carves the most Pristine Padel Court ever

The Timber is one of three limited edition padel courts in the NXPadel Selection range, whose fiberglass structure imitates wood, giving it an authentic, unspoiled soul in harmony with nature.


The Timber: When the Purity of Wood Carves the most Pristine Padel Court ever

People often confuse exclusivity with luxury, sophisticated elegance and glamour.
Nothing could be further from the truth. As we understand it, exclusivity is anything that can represent a niche of people, make them feel special, and reflect their uniqueness and way of being, whatever that may be. 
For example, nature and the deep and authentic connection it has with people is also something exclusive, simply because it is something that defines, represents and identifies them, making them feel that they belong to a distinct and unique reality, albeit far from the glitz and lights of the metropolis. In this sense, it is special and exclusive for this very reason. 

The Timber, one of our three limited edition creations from the NXPadel Selection, was born from the desire to create a padel court that embodies the most authentic, intimate and genuine emotions that can only be felt through a connection with nature.


An unprecedented Padel Court that excites and tells the story of those who do not want to give up the pleasure of being in close contact with the environment and being able to show off something that represents them and that is perfectly integrated with the environment through a design that outlines its aesthetics, colors and style in a timeless embrace
To make this possible, as in the case of The David and The Spectre that we have discussed in previous articles, we have reinterpreted the Fiberglass structure, this time working it with a finish that reproduces the wood of a tree and the result is nothing short of amazing as well as super realistic.

The finish enhances every grain and nuance of the wood, giving The Timber an iconic aesthetic that can immediately project us into a reality where nature and human activity have no degrees of separation and where we can deeply breathe the pleasure of an unprecedented play experience, in perfect symbiosis with the purest colors, scents and sensations.


The Timber's unprecedented structure could not be without the bright green ZeroS to give it an even more natural appearance in harmony with its surroundings. In this way, when The Timber is placed in a mountainous or other environment rich in trees and vegetation, it will seem to blend in with them, leaving hardly a trace of its presence. 
Those who want to secure one of the ten numbered copies, which have been on sale since February 9th, will not only be able to enjoy a padel court that tells its own story and love of nature, but will also be able to experience the sport in the most authentic and personal way ever. 

With The Timber, you will feel like you are playing in a lush forest, in an atmosphere of perfect continuity with the environment, in a facility that does not visually affect all the beauty that nature has to offer, while at the same time guaranteeing the countless advantages of the technologies with which NXPadel is revolutionizing the industry. 
What could be more exclusive than this?