The Ultimate Guide to the Purchase of a New Padel Court in 2024

A detailed guide of all the aspects to pay attention to and all the options the market has to offer for buying a new padel court in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to the Purchase of a New Padel Court in 2024

The idea of investing in Padel by installing new courts in one's own sports center or opening a Padel Club tantalizes more and more people, given the growing interest in more and more countries around the world and the excellent profit margins that this Business can ensure. 

Many people, however, finding themselves confused in front of the large amount of options that the market has to offer, do not really know where to start and find themselves completely bewildered, thus risking making gross mistakes that can jeopardize the success of the project and therefore also of the investment itself.

This is why we have decided to compile a guide for choosing a new padel court through which we will outline guidelines that will take into account all the variables to be taken into account in order to invest in this sector in a way that is conscious, prudent and guarantees assured success.

Budget and Location

The first two aspects to pay attention to are Budget and Location which, as we will see, are closely related and influence each other.
Installing padel courts in an existing sports center, perhaps in place of a tennis court or a soccer field requires for obvious reasons a smaller investment than installing them in a new location, where it will be necessary to rent or buy a space such as land or sheds or provide for the construction of the bottom, covers and all facilities related to the padel court such as locker rooms, bathrooms, bar, ext.

The proposal that the market has to offer, in this sense is now wide and varied but it is also and especially here that emerges the close interconnection between budget and location. certainly it should be considered the fact that Installing Outdoor Padel courts, especially near the sea or in areas particularly exposed to the weather, is different than opting for Indoor courts. With regard to the former, in fact, it is necessary to consider options that will safeguard the durability of the court and avert rust-related maintenance work that will thus inexorably impact the investment after a short time. Solutions already exist on the market, such as iron courts with cold galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing. The former are cheaper but have far less rust resistance than the latter, which, galvanized at 450 degrees, resist corrosion for longer.
The absolute safest option, however, is Fiberglass Courts  a chemically anti-rust material that guarantees padel courts to have 0 maintenance forever and far greater aesthetics.

Safety is everything

As for padel court walls, again the market offers several options: 10mm tempered glass, 12mm tempered glass, laminated glass, and ComfortGlass. As for the first two ( which differ from each other only in thickness and thus on impact resistance), they do not produce sharp fragments in the event of a break but, at the same time, do not protect the athlete in the case of 'crossing' the wall. For this reason, laminated glass could be a solution. The glass should not split into multiple pieces when fractured and shouldn’t  be crossed. When broken, in fact, the intermediate layer of plastic material intervenes, keeping the two panes together. 

Finally, there is the novelty of ComfortGlass, a special super-elastic and indestructible acrylic compound that provides maximum safety and eliminates the risk of breakage.
Even for walls, therefore, it is worthwhile to consider wisely which type to choose since investing in a less solid wall could go to affect the durability of the court and thus again the maintenance costs to be incurred but even worse, in this case, also the safety of the players.
Iron structures have on their side the fact that they have great solidity but, on the other hand, the impact on the players' side meshes during play can cause pain or injury.
The Fiberglass structure, on the other hand, thanks to the unparalleled elasticity of its meshes, ensures perfect shock absorption, does not cause abrasions, injuries or muscle aches, and guarantees the best possible playing experience. All this without the meshes becoming deformed, thanks to their resilience and thus , again without having additional maintenance.

Pay attention to the surface!
The playing surface is also a part of the court that needs to be chosen carefully in order to ensure a perfect playing experience and a long life span that will pay off the investment costs as much as possible.
There are mainly three types of synthetic turf on the market: fibrillated, textured, and ZeroS. 
Fibrillated turf ensures a fast ball bounce and good foot grip and sliding.The textured turf, provides optimized aesthetics compared to its predecessor, better foot adhesion and grip, and a more controlled rebound.
Ultimately the ZeroS, the first totally sand-free surface, also part of the exclusive NXPadel branded product range. The absence of sand provides improved aesthetics, increased durability, optimal grip and smart logistic.

Light up Your Padel Court

Finally, another aspect to pay attention to is the lights. It is not infrequent, in fact, to play on Padel courts where there is a risk of being dazzled by lights during the game. This should not happen in order to ensure an ideal level of playability.
Also on the court, the brightness must be uniform in all areas of the court, making sure that the minimum intensity is at least 300 LUX 

Optimize installation and transport

A final but not to be underestimated aspect is the installation and transportation costs
Let us consider again the two macrocategories of structures we presented above, namely Iron courts and Fiberglass Courts.
The former, for obvious reasons have a far greater weight than the latter, both in terms of structure and glass. Needless to say, a greater weight means more forces to be employed in the installation and consequently an expansion of the time frame and thus a greater economic expense. NXPadel's Fiberglass courts also have special technologies in their structure such as Click&Fix, Rail System and Auto Flower Base that ensure easy and quick installation in as little as two days per court versus the 4 days required by iron courts.
Also with regard to transportation, the light weight and in this case the ease with which the components can be stacked together is an aspect that simplifies optimizes transportation and allows half the space inside the container thus being able to transport twice as many fields.

With this guide we hope to have succeeded in giving a clearer and and outlined idea of all the aspects related to the field that go to affect the investment having reviewed most of the options on the market analyzing their pros and cons. 
As can be seen, NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts represent something truly innovative unique and revolutionary in the field. In fact, the Italian company, has nevertheless been able to enter the market with a product optimized to the nth degree, capable of responding to all the needs of every single stakeholder related to the Padel world.