We Made It Simple!

Rail System, Flower Base, Click and Fix.


We Made It Simple!

A simple concept we brought to the maximum; our Fiberglass Padel Court has been designed by technical guys for technical guys.

Thanks to our new Fiberglass Padel Court model we’re able to make the installation 200% faster and much easier.

That’s due to 3 key features of the structure itself:

  • Automatic Flower Base: the internal shape of the feet allows the fiberglass structure poles to be installed just by sliding them in, without any screw or bolt to be added.
    Moreover, the Flower Shape makes the wind-load resistance higher by strengthening the base.

  • Rail System: each component of the structure is assembled by a revolutionary rail system which let the meshes and other items to be installed just by sliding them into the poles without any screws or rivets to be added.
    Moreover, the Rail system permits great shock absorption and the necessary expansion to the meshes in case of very hot temperatures.

  • Click-and-Fix: every 1m by 1m mesh comes with ‘’clips’’ on the bottom that will be inserted in the upper part of the other meshes.
    This lets the installation to be super fast, and even in case of future issues, meshes can be removed quickly and substituted in less than 5 minutes.
    Moreover, the Click-and-Fix can increase the shock absorption of the body impact during the gameplay guaranteeing protection from injuries

All these simple but effective ideas simplify installers' life, let them save a lot of time, and increase their revenues.