With NXPadel, even transporting padel courts has never looked so efficient!

3 reasons why transporting Padel Courts in Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, saves you time and, money and makes your life easier


With NXPadel, even transporting Padel Courts has never looked so efficient!

Transporting Padel Courts might seem to be a complex undertaking: the size and weight of the structures to be stored inside a truck are by no means elements to be underestimated and it is easy to guess that the difficulties will be even more as the number of courts to be installed increases. Not to mention the large shipping costs.The NXPadel courts, however, are unique and bring several advantages even in the transport phase 

The first aspect to dwell on is the lightness of the components of the NXPadel courts.
The Fiberglass Padel Court structure as well as the ComfortGlass walls are far lighter than the components of classic iron courts. Specifically, the Fiberglass structure of an NXPadel Court has a total weight of less than 1,000 kilograms, compared with about 3,000 kilograms for an iron court. As for the glass, the ComfortGlass weighs 1500 kilos, compared to nearly 3300 kilos of the classic 12mm tempered glass. The total weight difference between an NXPadel Court and an iron court is therefore almost 3250kg, which is why, with such a gap, transportation is favored in the case of an NX-labeled court.
Loading and unloading is far simpler and thus requires less labor-power, less time, and consequently requires less money to installers and clubs.

The second aspect concerns the fact that both Fiberglass and ComfortGlass structures are easily stacked on top of each other, fitting together perfectly. Again, loading and unloading times are reduced compared to iron courts, but perhaps the most interesting advantage lies in the optimization of space both within a hypothetical warehouse in which the courts in some cases must be stationed, but especially within the container in which it is transported.



Padel Court Installers who rely on NXPadel will be happy to know that it will be possible to transport up to 7 N1A (NX's flagship Court with Comfortglass) Paddle Courts complete with turf and nets in a single truck. This is an impressive number when compared to only 3 / 4 courts per container as far as iron ones are concerned. Again, therefore, transportation costs will be cut in half and the whole delivery process will be significantly facilitated and speeded up.

Ultimately, one aspect that often causes clubs and Padel Court installers to worry concerns possible breakage or deformation of structures during transport, which can sometimes be long, hard, and can last thousands of kilometers. Again, thanks to the characteristics of ComfortGlass, which is shatterproof, and super-strong, there will be no risk of glass breaking either during transport, but also during loading and unloading should it fall, thus also ensuring the safety of the men at work. Similarly, the Fiberglass structure is super elastic and resilient, making sure that in case of impact, the meshes will not deform.

As explained above, the benefits of NXPadel's courts are not only about playability but also make life far easier for the padel court installation and transportation stages, bringing benefits in terms of safety, timing, and saving money. Italian padel court manufacturer's mission is to ensure that their courts get benefits to all those who revolve around the Padel universe, whether they are players, installers, clubs, or just fans, and numbers in hand, I would say they are succeeding.