ZeroS, The Maintenance-Free Padel Mat

Thanks to the absence of sand and its special composition, ZeroS, our state-of-the-art padel mat can optimize maintenance and ensure a long life for your Padel Court.

ZeroS, The Maintenance-Free Padel Mat

How long does the synthetic turf on a Padel Court last? What to do when bubbles or wrinkles form on the surface of the mat? Is it possible for the padel mat to shrink due to temperature changes?
We know, if you are a manufacturer of padel courts or the owner of a padel club, you will have asked yourself these questions hundreds of times and, since knowing all the aspects related to the maintenance of a padel court is one of the most crucial aspects preceding the choice of one product over another, there is nothing strange about it. 

As many people already know, for us at NXPadel, the issue of maintenance is one of the common threads that runs through all the products with which we are striving to revolutionize this sector, and when a few months ago we started to study a new type of synthetic turf for padel courts, we certainly could not leave out this important aspect.
The name of this innovative solution that we launched at the end of 2023 is ZeroS, our latest-generation mat that, as its name suggests, does not require the use of sand as infill allowing in addition to ideal playability, optimized installation and unprecedented aesthetics, a level of maintenance that is unrivaled.

Precisely the absence of sand, made possible by a higher density and at a lower height of the textured filaments, is crucial for the durability of ZeroS: in fact, while on traditional synthetic turf it happens that the friction between the players' shoes and the sand consumes the carpet more quickly attesting to its duration (based on an average court use) to 3 years, with ZeroS this does not happen and its duration reaches 30% more reaching about 5 years.
In addition, the absence of sand, does not require the court to be brushed regularly to redistribute the sand evenly over its entire surface, but will maintain a perfect aesthetic over time and, above all, a surface that is always uniform without having to intervene.

Another reason that differentiates ZeroS from all its predecessors in this area is the fact that it is completely glued to the ground, and this aspect, too, is a big step forward in terms of maintenance: thanks to this small but ingenious detail, ZeroS is not subject to the formation of bubbles or wrinkles ( which we see appearing more and more often on traditional synthetic turf) nor to the phenomenon of carpet shrinkage due to temperature changes over time. This means no need to take corrective action and a smooth, linear bounce will be guaranteed forever.
In addition to this, the fact that it is completely glued to the ground is undoubtedly an absolute guarantee of the carpet's resistance to wind.

Ultimately, the composition and design of this newest type of synthetic padel turf also ensure an additional and unprecedented advantage in its handling. ZeroS, in fact, unlike traditional synthetic turf mats, does not have a latex backing from which rainwater drains through some holes created on its surface but is permeable at every point of its surface allowing the turf, in case of rain to dry much faster.

As mentioned at the beginning, products with which we intend to change the rules of the sport are designed to bring real and tangible benefits to every stakeholder who interfaces with our Padel Courts and ZeroS is yet another confirmation ( after the launch of the Fiberglass Padel Court and the ComfortGlass walls) of a consistent approach and one that does not intend to change direction.
Those who in these first few months since its launch did not miss the opportunity to install ZeroS on their Padel Court can confirm this and can already now say that they have not regretted accepting the challenge and embracing the taste of innovation once again thanks to NXPadel.