Why Fiberglass Padel Courts allow the world's easiest installation?

NXPadel's Fiberglass Courts and the most advanced technologies applied to them ensure the smartest padel court installation ever

Why Fiberglass Padel Courts allow the world's easiest installation?

The installation of a Padel court is the most crucial phase of the whole process leading up to the opening of a new Padel Club. It is the time when all its components have to be assembled to perfection and when one has to make sure that everything is done in the right way to make it work at its best. 
This phase is not always easy: the utmost care that must be maintained at all times, as well as the great fatigue in sustaining heavy workloads for many consecutive hours, can create complications, slowing down the work or even leading to mistakes being made. But not for all Padel courts!

NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts represent the biggest innovation in this field thanks to brand new materials and advanced technologies that can bring benefits to all stakeholders revolving around this industry and, among them, Padel Court Installers could not be missing.
Guided by an insatiable desire for innovation and setting itself as the only goal to distinguish itself from the rest of the market by bringing tangible added values thanks to its Padel Courts, NXPadel has been able to restudy every single component of the court, applying never-before-seen materials and using state-of-the-art technologies: The Fiberglass structure, the ComfortGlass walls, and the ZeroS carpet.

Why does each of these three new components provide the smartest padel court installation ever?

Let's start with the Fiberglass structure, the first major innovation with which NXPadel created a new way of conceiving the padel court: for the first time, the Italian company was able to patent internationally a structure made of a material other than iron or aluminum, and this aspect unquestionably marked the first stage of their revolution through the countless advantages it can guarantee in terms of playability, maintenance, and installation.
The first concept to dwell on concerns the extreme lightness of this innovative material, just think that an entire Fiberglass structure for a standard court weighs only 1090 kg against the almost 3000kg of an iron court. From this data, it is easy to see how the whole installation process benefits from this aspect, being certainly less tiring and more optimized.
As mentioned before, it is not only the material itself that ensures easy and intuitive installation: the technologies applied to the structure also represent key points on which NXPadel wanted to focus to bring something extraordinary to the market. We are talking about Rail System and Click&Fix. The first makes the meshes slide inside the support poles quickly and intuitively, the second allows the meshes to be attached through a system of clips that make the meshes connect in just a few seconds.
A final point concerns the great ease with which the Fiberglass structure components can be conveniently stacked together ensuring incredible space optimization in warehouses and especially on the container on which up to 7 full courts can be transported thanks to this feature. 


Let's move on to ComfortGlass, the special acrylic compound that makes up the walls of the NXPadel courts making them completely indestructible and therefore 100% safe for players but also for installers.
This important component of the padel court also promotes unprecedented installation.
Once again, lightness is a relevant feature: Compared to the 3200 kilos of tempered glass sheets, the ComfortGlass sheets needed to make a padel court weigh just 1500kg: an aspect that, as with Fiberglass, makes them easily stackable together in a single pallet of 18 sheets, without the risk of them breaking and going, in this way to optimize loading and unloading operations as well as space in warehouses and on the container.
Regarding the fastening system, the ComfortGlass has a specially designed groove to be applied exclusively to the Fiberglass structure. Thanks to this special design, installation is also simplified and optimized. In just a few moments, the ComfortGlass panel slides inside the guides and attaches to the support poles without the use of any screws.


When it comes to the mat, NXPadel has also managed to bring an unprecedented product to the market. A few weeks ago, ZeroS, the first padel mat that does not require the use of sand, was officially launched.
This very feature can ensure simplified installation by saving more than 1,800 kilograms of sand needed to clog traditional synthetic turf. 
In addition to this, the weight of the mat itself is also lower and once again the numbers speak for themselves: 300 kg vs 420 kg in favor of ZeroS. Certainly a big savings in terms of labor and man-hours during installation.
Finally, as with Fiberglass and ComfortGlass ZeroS rolls, take up much less space in containers and warehouses given each roll is half the size of traditional synthetic turf.

As we have seen, every single component of NXPadel courts is designed to take padel court installation to the next level.  To make it easy, fast, and most importantly to meet the growing demand for courts around the world. And...to make every installer smile at the mere thought of having to install a Fiberglass padel court.