ZeroS: The Next Generation Padel Carpet

ZeroS is the first sandless Padel Carpet and represents NXPadel's latest innovation

ZeroS: The Next Generation Padel Carpet

When we talk about Padel Courts technologies or innovations applied to them, we usually turn our attention mainly to the structure of the court, the walls, their functionality or novel properties, elements on which the entire mission of NXPadel is also based, capable of patenting the Fiberglass structure and ComfortGlass thus becoming a true game-changer in the industry, thanks to a product able to make experience padel to the fullest really for everyone.To achieve the latter goal, however, it could not have been without an innovation that would also revolutionize the third major component of a padel court.
We are, of course, talking about the carpet. An element that NXPadel wanted to reinvent by bringing to the market another unprecedented product. We are happy and proud to announce the official launch of ZeroS! The NXPadel exclusive and the first padel carpet which does not require at all the use of sand.

Its name comes from this specific feature: in fact, ZeroS stands for Zero Sand proving that thanks to the higher density of textured monofilaments and their lower height than traditional synthetic turf it literally requires  0 Kilos of sand. This, combined with an unprecedented design and the fact that it is completely glued to the ground, guarantees, as we will see, multiple advantages both in terms of playability but also in terms of installation and maintenance, thus making this product an absolute novelty in the field of padel court production.

How, then, was the intuition that led to the creation of this product ready once again to disrupt industry standards?
As always, NXPadel's vision is driven by quality, freshness and innovation, and to do so it is important sometimes to study what is already on the market, analyzing its pros and cons and, by impersonating with every actor that revolves around the padel court, to know how to bring them an immediately recognizable added value.
In this specific case, NXPadel's attention was focused on the sand that infills the traditional synthetic turf, an aspect that is almost invisible but that actually hides some knots that, thanks to ZeroS, it has been possible to definitively dissolve by creating a Padel synthetic turf without sand.

Speaking about the absence of sand, one of the first aspects to take into account lies in the fact that, considering that to fill an entire padel court with sand requires from 2000 to 2800 kilograms of sand (depending on whether the filament is fibrillated or textured), it is easy to deduce that with ZeroS there is a significant saving in terms of load weight and, therefore, installation and transport will undoubtedly be optimized.

In addition, on traditional synthetic turf, friction between shoe soles and sand tends to wear down the surface of the padel court faster, attesting to its average lifespan of about 3 years ( based on average court use in a club). Thanks to ZeroS, this dynamic does not come into play and will increase the life of your padel mat by about 40 percent, with a lifespan forecasted of more than 5 years.

Since the eye also wants its share, it is important to add that the absence of sand undoubtedly increases the aesthetics of the court, making its surface shiny and uniform immediately after installation and giving the club an even more modern and clean feel from the first moment. In short, it will be love at first sight!

Of course, that's not all: to maximize the effectiveness of ZeroS even more, in fact, NXPadel has focused not simply on sand removal but also on how the carpet is installed. This special synthetic turf without sand in fact, is completely glued to the ground and this prevents not only the formation of bubbles or wrinkles that can cause the ball to bounce poorly but also that the mat does not shrink due to temperature changes, ensuring that this product performs the same over time
And speaking of ball bounce, the total absence of sand is also a key point in favor of ZeroS as the bounce will be smooth at every point on the court surface.

What about permeability? Again ZeroS responds in this case, and the days of having to wait at least 3 hours for the padel court to dry completely after rain will be only a distant memory! Unlike traditional synthetic turf mats that have a latex backing from which water escapes just through some drainage holes, the entire surface of ZeroS is allows water to pass through and the court will be ready to be used safely in much less time.

Even before its official launch, NXPadel's sales area had already announced to its customers the imminent launch of this novelty, and just in the last few days the first orders of ZeroS have been shipped in the direction of France and, in the Milan area, it has already been installed on 3 existing padel courts. And, honestly, given the magnitude of this news, we had no doubts.
ZeroS represents a tangible sign that through constant study, research, and a mindset aimed at development, even what seems unthinkable can be revolutionized. Therefore, as much as with ZeroS, NXPadel's path to innovation is even more complete, we know that this won’t be an end point by any means and that new challenges are already just around the corner.