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The elegance of iconic exclusivity

The David is an ode to beauty, elegance, and timeless style. A masterpiece in the shape of a Padel Court to thrill and leave everyone breathless by embodying the most gentle, fine and sophisticated souls.A symphony of grace, of stunning and bewitching magnificence, capable of evoking an iconic atmosphere of charm, allure and endless virtuosity.

Inspired by Michelangelo’s David, the Fiberglass structure has been completely reinterpreted and embellished, reproducing marble and its incredible veining, creating a sumptuous, sublime effect of crystalline elegance never seen before.

To complete the composition, we have combined the white of the marbled Fiberglass with a black ZeroS that brings out every detail and nuance in a contrast of tones that create an environment of ecstasy. The same atmosphere that the most refined and gentle souls seek in everything and which, thanks to The David, they will finally be able to breathe also on a padel court.

Timeless elegance sculpted in the finesse of marble


The Ultimate Technology for Padel Structure.

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The Safest Padel Wall.

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The Next-Gen Padel Carpet.

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To delight the most refined minds


In the presented version, The David includes all the technologies of our top-of-the-line N1A model, which includes: Fiberglass structure, ComfortGlass, ZeroS Shadow, NXNet, NXFlash. It is possible to request changes in the configuration of the court and its components by choosing from the available options: Structure: N1A (Standard 20x10); N1 (Panoramic 20x10); N1As (Standard 20x6); N1s (Panoramic 20x6) Walls: ComfortGlass (Special Designed Acrylic Compound, available only on standard structures); NXGlass (Tempered Glass 12mm) Carpet: ZeroS (textured monofilament carpet without sand); NXTurf (classic textured monofilament carpet); both can be customized in Shadow, Flame, Champ or Nature colors. Accessories: NXNet (knotted PP, Stainless steel poles, PVC band ); NXFlash (307:461 LUX Headlights); NXSafe (foam Protection Kit for doors and net poles); NXSlide (Fiberglass sliding door system) Any changes or modifications are subject to price change according to our official catalog. The David is limited to a print run of 10 numbered copies, each stamped with a serial number and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Purchase is subject to availability.

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