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The Timber represents the authentic form of the most pristine, intimate and introspective side of emotions. It is a tribute to nature and its colors and to those sensations of extreme well-being that lead to generating the perfect balance between body and mind in an authentic and timeless embrace.A Padel Court that is able to connect to a world where to breathe deeply and fully enjoy every moment, and which becomes the mirror of this pure way of life also with regard to sports. The most striking emblem of the well-chosen choice of all those who find in their connection with nature, their most vivid expression.

In The Timber, from a fine processing of the Fiberglass structure, a perfect reproduction of the wood of a tree has been obtained, which, featured by sinuous veins in different tones and shades of brown, ensures a super realistic and richly detailed effect.

The whole structure, blends perfectly with the bright green ZeroS, defining a harmonious and homogeneous space in which human activities and nature coexist synergistically and harmoniously without ever getting in the way.

The pristine nature carved into the purity of wood


The Ultimate Technology for Padel Structure.

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The Safest Padel Wall.

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The Next-Gen Padel Carpet.

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To connect with the most authentic sensations


In the presented version, The Timber includes all the technologies of our top-of-the-line N1A model: Fiberglass structure, ComfortGlass, ZeroS Nature, NXNet, NXFlash. It is possible to request changes in the configuration of the court and its components by choosing from the available options: Structure: N1A (Standard 20x10); N1 (Panoramic 20x10); N1As (Standard 20x6); N1s (Panoramic 20x6). Walls: ComfortGlass (Special Designed Acrylic Compound, available only on standard structures); NXGlass (Tempered Glass 12mm) Carpet: ZeroS (textured monofilament carpet without sand); NXTurf (classic textured monofilament turf); both can be customized in Shadow, Flame, Champ or Nature colors. Accessories: NXNet (knotted PP, Stainless steel poles, PVC band); NXFlash (IPF Parameters LUX Headlights); NXSafe (foam Protection Kit for doors and net poles); NXSlide (Fiberglass sliding door system) Any changes or modifications are subject to price according to our official price list. The Timber is limited to a print run of 10 numbered copies, each stamped with a serial number and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Purchase is subject to availability.

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